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Tales of Training: The Bad Becomes Good

This week, a crappy workout Thursday was quickly forgotten after a wonderful long run Sunday. The corn on my right foot has returned, but it's not nearly as bad as it was last fall. Honestly, I'm too cheap and stubborn to buy new shoes this close a race again (this happened before Toledo AND Fort4Fitness last year!). I think I just need to take better care of my toes and wear good, comfortable shoes at work (rather than squeezing them into cheap pumps).

So aside from feeling like a rockstar Sunday, I had some other interesting events on my long run:

  • As a country runner, I have joked about having corn fields nearby in case nature called ... but I've never actually taken a potty break mid-run. Well, I apparently had too much coffee before I left because my bladder was really full and uncomfortable by mile 8. After a car passed, I ducked into some tall grass off the road and did my business. I'm happy to report I felt much better and did NOT get my tights wet in the process. Go me! 
  • I was chased by several dogs, and I had to turn and scream "GO HOME!" at two fairly aggressive ones who followed me down the road ... I had my pepper spray in hand just in case, but thankfully I didn't need to use it. People, even in the country, you need to tie up, fence in or at least closely watch your dogs. PLEASE! 
  • Around mile 11 or so, a white Lincoln Navigator passed me. I waved at them, as I do at any passing vehicle. Then a half mile later, the same car passed me again. Weird, I thought, but I kept running. Around 12.5 miles, they were back ... this time they came from behind, so I didn't see them coming. OK, I was officially weirded out. I was in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday morning ... why would someone drive by me three times? I stopped and called Kyle to let him know my location and what the car looked like, just in case something happened. That may sound crazy, but it made me feel better knowing I had reported my whereabouts. I didn't see them again, thankfully. Call me paranoid, but that was just strange! 

Monday: 3 miles, easy
I felt slow, but good. Rowdy joined me - he's really doing well at 3-milers, and he keeps me steady.

Tuesday: PiYo Buns
I did NOT want to do this workout, but I'm glad I did. The soreness lingered for a few days, reminding me how hard I worked.

Wednesday: 6 miles, mid-4 at tempo
Nailed it! I started to feel fatigued in the final tempo mile, but I managed to finish strong. This was one of those workouts that you just want to bottle up and hold onto for a while.

Thursday: 5 miles, hills
This SUCKED. I did a 10 minute warm up, then found the best hill I could (from the footbridge up to Irene St. if you're local). I ran that hill six times up as fast as I could, then slowly back down. After, I did a 15-minute cool down to hit 5 miles. As if hills weren't hard enough, my left nee decided to start talking to me (not pain, just discomfort), and the corn on my right foot returned with a vengeance. UGH.

Friday: Rest
Since Kyle is now officially training for the Cedar Point half marathon (Woohoo!), he needed to squeeze in his long run of 6 miles. I stayed back at the house for the morning ... Could have done PiYo, but I decided my knee/foot needed a day off.

Saturday: 3 miles, easy
Our day was packed with plans, so I decided to get up and sweat before it got crazy. Just went nice and easy, and I felt more prepared to handle everything ... including two silly girls under age 4. :)

Sunday: 15 miles, easy
This run wasn't my fastest, but it gave me the most confidence in my training. I held a steady 9:25ish pace, even though the training plan called for the mid-6 at race pace. I just felt like I needed a nice run where I could coast along, and that's exactly what I did. By the last mile, I realized I never doubted myself or felt like I couldn't finish. Considering this was my longest run EVER, that's pretty awesome! I feel more prepared to take on my next race, and then marathon training.


  1. Creepy! Stuff like that weirds me out, too. Your training is going so well!!


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