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Tales of Training - Roller Coaster Week

This week was up and down ... with the weather and my training. But sub-zero temps and fender-benders be damned! Because in the end, I logged all the miles I was supposed to. So, take THAT!

Sunday: Rest
In addition to grocery shopping with Kenlee, I managed to squeeze in some time with the foam roller. Can I count that as active recovery?

Monday: 3 miles + 8 strides
Heading into the week, I knew it was gonna be cold. Like, really cold. Monday morning, my weather app said it was 5 degrees outside ... and I sorta tried to ignore the part where it said negative 11 with the wind chill ... Since I only had 3ish miles to run, I decided to tough it out and put on nearly every layer I owned. This picture (taken after I had warmed up a bit on the back porch) says it all:

Tuesday: 6 miles, negative splits
After Monday's cruel lesson from Mother Nature, on Tuesday I decided to hit up the treadmill before work. The plan called for me to run 2-mile negative splits i.e., run faster every 2 miles, but I actually bumped it up every 1 mile (or half mile toward the end) to just be done.

Wednesday: 3.75 miles, mid-2 at tempo
The plan called for 4 miles, but I cut the cool-down short because I didn't want to make Kyle late to work. I felt good, and Rowdy bumped up his distance PR - his previous record was 3 miles. He's been really excited to come run with me lately ... which might have something to do with the treats he gets when we get home. But I'll take what I can get.

Thursday: PiYo Hardcore on the Floor
I realize the title of this workout is slightly perverted, but it's no joke. I struggled with the push-ups at the end and had to take a break. Just means there's room for improvement, right?

Friday: Rest
I had every intention of squeezing in an extra PiYo this week, but honestly? I just wanted some extra time to shave my legs. All the ladies out there understand, I'm sure.

Saturday: 14 miles
This run was a mental effing roller coaster. Let me set the stage: Because this would be my farthest run EVER, Kyle told me to pick a route and he would come pick me up at the end. I liked this idea because it meant I could run from our house to the fairgrounds in another town, and I would feel all badass knowing I could run a route I have driven countless times before. Get what I mean?

Well for the first 6 miles or so, I struggled with my Camelbak. Even though the sun was shining, it was only 5 degrees or so when I left, so the water kept freezing in the tube! Normally, I sip once per mile to keep things moving, and that usually prevents any ice. Apparently, I needed to sip A LOT more often in these conditions ... I had to stop at least three times to remove the mouthpiece, warm it up in my hands, and then suck all the ice from the tubing. I nearly cried in frustration and thought about turning back around or calling Kyle to bring a different pack. But I'm glad I pushed through ...

The training plan said I was supposed to run my mid-5 miles at race pace, and I NAILED it. Every mile but one was sub-9 minutes (and that one was 9:02). It was just the pick-me-up I needed to forget my ice issues, which subsided as the sun came out and the temperature rose. When I hit mile 10, I stopped for a Gu and stood happily in the sunshine for a bit. I felt UNSTOPPABLE.

The next 4 miles went surprisingly well! To be honest, I thought I would be hurting a lot more after hitting the faster paces. By the time I reached the north entrance of the fairgrounds (the bridge entrance for locals), I was planning my victory pose: Kyle would take a picture of me holding up a 1 and a 4 with my fingers, and I would be grinning with pride.

Instead, just as I was heading to do my victory lap around the track, Kyle waved me down and said he'd been in a fender-bender. WHA???!! He assured me everyone was FINE and sent me off to finish my run. The fairgrounds was unexpectedly PACKED with cars though, so I barely made it through to hit 14 miles on the dot. Apparently, there was a garage sale that morning, so Kyle was looking for a parking spot when a truck that was stuck in the snow suddenly got traction ... and backed right into Kyle's SUV.

Being the selfish, youngest child runner that I am, my first thought was, "That jerk in the truck just ruined my run!" But in reality, I know that accidents happen. And I am truly grateful that we just have to deal with some minor dents and dings. Thankfully, Kyle came prepared with a protein shake and blankets for me, so I was mostly content to wait for the deputy to arrive and write up a report.

In the end, we decided to be positive and make the most of a strange situation. So Kyle was happy to snap a picture of my victory pose.


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