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Tales of Training: Warming Up

After all my whining about winter running, it appears we're finally getting a bit of a reprieve! (Because you know, Mother Nature heard me complain and decided to grant me that personal favor ... it's not like anyone else had to deal with the cold, right?) We still had a few cold days last week, but I was rewarded with temps in the 30s (squee!) and sunshine for my long run on the weekend. Coming up this week, we're looking at 50+ degrees! ::Throws confetti and melting snowballs::

In terms of training, I believe last week is what coaches would call a cutback week. I obviously wasn't slacking by any means, but my mileage and intensity was toned back a bit to let my body recover and prepare for the next challenge. 

Monday: 3 miles, easy

Honestly, I was so tired I don’t remember anything about this run … Is that sad? I know it was still cold though …

Tuesday: Piyo Sweat
Felt great to get a decent strength/cross training workout under my belt again. I went for Sweat because that’s what I wanted to do! Mission accomplished.

Wednesday: 6.39 miles – mid-4 at tempo
Here’s the run in English: I ran 1 mile as a warm-up, then ran 4 miles at tempo, which means about 75 percent of my max effort. In between each tempo mile, I slowed down and recovered for a quarter mile. I was supposed to do a 1 mile cool down, but I cut it short since I was close to home.

Thursday: 5 miles, hill workout
We had one last (hopefully!) cold blast Thursday and Friday, so I went to the treadmill for this one. I ran a 10-minute warm-up, then I did six rounds of 2 minutes faster pace at a 5-10 percent incline, with 2 minutes of recovery between. Then 10ish more minutes of cool down. It was tough, but I hung in there!

Friday: Rest
My body just needed it. (Note to self: Don't schedule tempo and hills back-to-back again ...)

Saturday: Rest
I would call this active rest since I spent the day on the go. Kenlee and I picked up the house in the morning, then we went to the hair salon. After our appointment, we hit up McDonald’s for lunch, then stopped into Walmart for a baby shower gift. Sunday was just as busy …

Lady Date! In case you're wondering, McDonald's Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad + Dressing + Fruit & Yogurt Parfait = 15 points. Really hits the spot for me!

Sunday: 10 miles
I dropped Kenlee off with my in-laws around 9 a.m. and took off for 6ish miles alone. Then I picked up Rowdy for the last 4 miles … and realized he would need a bath after running through all the melting puddles of ice/snow. After cleaning him, then me, I picked up Kenlee and quickly made us both lunch before heading to my parents’ house, where we got to spend the afternoon playing with my nieces, nephew and siblings. I was completely WIPED when we got home. Thank God for compression socks and carry-out pizza!

Looking ahead: I’m soooo excited to be running in warmer temperatures again! I’m a little worried about finding time for my long run this weekend, as we have two parties to attend and Kyle is picking up an extra shift at his part-time job … But I know we’ll make it work. We always do!


  1. Yay for warm weather! I took Denali for a walk on Saturday just to get some sun. He rewarded me with a shake-a-shaka that left mud everywhere. His bath had to wait till Sunday, though, because I cannot coerce his 80-pound behind into the tub.

    You are doing great, though. #proudmama

    1. Luckily, Kyle has been working with Rowdy to get him to tolerate baths more, so he gets in and out of the tub himself (with some coercing, but he still manages). The tricky part is getting him to STAY in the tub while I'm still washing him!


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