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Non-Scale Victories

At Weight Watchers, we obviously celebrate victory on the scale, but we also celebrate non-scale victories (or NSVs) - moments when you realize your healthy habits have made a difference. A few weeks ago, I proudly shared one of my own NSVs: After more than a year of wearing a cheap replacement band, I finally got my wedding rings re-sized.

For me, this was a HUGE step. I'd gotten very comfortable with the cheapie ring because I knew if I started gaining the weight back, I could wear my bigger rings again ... That sounds awful doesn't it? But it's true. 

Well, it's been about a year since I hit my goal weight, so I decided I finally "deserved" to have my bling back. Maintaining my weight has been just as hard as losing it (a post for another day, I think), but at this point, I feel like I've proven to myself that I can do it for the long haul. Sure, I could still gain it all back one day - THIS IS ALWAYS IN THE BACK OF MY MIND. 

But today, I'm healthy and fit, and I'm happy with my body. Why not enjoy it and wear the jewelry I love?! 

This NSV got me thinking about others I've celebrated along my journey. Each of these moments was probably even more significant to me than any victory I had on the scale. 
  • First time I could buy a shirt without numbers or an X in the size
  • First time I tried on (and fit!) a pair of pants with a single-digit size (This usually only happens at Gap due to vanity sizing … I’m a solid 10 elsewhere, but I don't care!)
  • When I realized a pair of dress shoes from a few years ago were too big because even my feet had shrunk
  • When I could ride a roller coaster at Cedar Point without struggling to get the harness latched (or getting kicked out of line before I could even try … Yes, this happened to me on the Millennium Force once)
  • The first time I sat in an airplane without my thighs squishing into the arm rest and involuntarily touching the person next to me … I'm friendly, but not that friendly …
  • When I hauled in all the groceries from the garage and realized I didn’t need to take a break before putting them away
  • The first time I ran an entire 5K race – for me, this ranks above finishing my first half-marathon because it was so much harder (mentally and physically) at the time!
  • When I realized I no longer struggled with what I thought were chronic knee problems
  • When a nurse tried to use the large blood pressure cuff on me and realized it was too big
  • When I realized I could actually cross my legs like a lady again!
  • When I realized my glasses were constantly falling off my face because my face had gotten smaller (I hope to finally get new frames this summer)
  • Any time my daughter has asked me for a healthy snack or meal 
  • Any time my daughter has yelled "Go momma go!" from the stroller or the sidelines of a race
  • Any time I've realized I was being active with my family, and I wasn't holding myself back because of my weight or anxiety
So if you're trying to lose weight, remember to celebrate the victories on and off the scale. The tiny steps you're taking now will lead to more tiny, yet POWERFUL, moments down the road. Trust me. 


  1. Awe congratulations! Non scale victories can be just as sweet I think. I continue to always be amazed when I can be active for a steady period of time and not be breathless compared to those around me. Always thinking in the back of my head, thank you running!

  2. Way to go! Those victorious are even sweeter, I think, bc they're tangible. I remember when I got my rings resized and when I bought pants in a size I had never seen before!

  3. Way to go! Those victorious are even sweeter, I think, bc they're tangible. I remember when I got my rings resized and when I bought pants in a size I had never seen before!


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