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Ask Me Anything!

Since I’ve been in a blog slump lately, I decided to go to Facebook for some help. I said, “Ask me anything!” and got a few great questions about Weight Watchers, running … and a few other random things. 

Just so you know, I will gladly answer questions, give my (non-professional or certified) advice (damn you, compliance, for always being in my head!), or just encourage you if you need it. Many people will send me messages on Facebook from time to time (like the one at the end of this post), and I’m happy to help in any way I can! 

What kind of music do you listen to, to help you stay motivated?
A little bit of everything! I have a playlist on my iPhone that’s called
A small sampling of my playlist
“Run,” and I constantly add songs that are upbeat and make me happy. There’s so many – everything from the “Frozen” soundtrack to Blink 182, the Dixie Chicks and Fall Out Boy – that I don’t care about the order and just put it on shuffle every time. 

More often, however, I listen to podcasts or audiobooks when I run. I know it sounds crazy, but focusing on a conversation really keeps the focus off how many miles I have to go. My favorite podcasts are Another Mother Runner, Naptime Radio, Serial (though I’m impatiently waiting for the next season!), Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me and several Disney World shows. It’s been a while since I’ve had an audiobook because I download them from my library’s app – because they’re free I often have to wait on hold for several months before I get to check them out. 

Since I’ve been marathon training, I’ve been running out of new episodes/books and recently downloaded some new ones (and placed some new holds). Thanks to people who gave me suggestions on Facebook!

Thoughts on Trump? 
You’re fired. Also, please stop with the comb-over. No one’s buying it. 

Tips on staying on Weight Watchers when on plateau. How to really only eat 26 points. Local wineries.
  1. Change things up! I often find a plateau means my body has adjusted to whatever food/exercise that are part of my routine. I usually start by switching up my breakfast – oatmeal instead of eggs, maybe? Then I like to buy some produce that hasn’t been in the house in a while – I’ll use it for a snack or include it in a recipe. Then I try to change up my workouts. Even a small change like doing my normal route in reverse can help because I’m taking the hills in a different direction. 
    When you're stuck, mix things up! We recently tried a twist on our BLTs - add avocado and an egg. Delicious!
  2. If you figure this out, will you let me know? Because I RARELY eat less than 30 points a day. My average is more like 35 or 40. As I got closer to my goal weight, I realized I HAD to eat all of my activity points and most of my weekly points. One of my leaders advised me to focus on making those extra points as much lean protein as possible – add chicken or turkey to your salad, have Greek yogurt with your fruit for a snack, or throw a hard-boiled egg in your lunch pail. So start with your daily points, but don’t stop there. Add a few each day so you know you’re giving your body the fuel it needs. 
  3. I’m sad to admit I’ve only visited one local winery – Stony Ridge in Bryan. And it wasn’t even to drink! I wrote a few stories about them back in my newspaper days, and I’ve gone out there to shop for gifts, but that’s it. Trust me though, I’ve tried many of their wines, and there’s not any I don’t love.  

Sometimes, running sucks!
How do I get into running when I despise it?
Well, if you truly despise it, then don’t run! Simple as that. Find an activity that makes you happy – biking, walking, yoga, weight lifting, kayaking, mountain climbing, Zumba … It’s so much easier to stick with something if you actually enjoy it. 

On the other hand, I don’t think anyone loves every single workout, no matter what kind of workout they’re doing. If you know you really love the feeling you get AFTER a run, but despise the idea of getting out there, you’re not alone. It’s so hard to get started. The first mile (or more) still really suck for me most days. But once I hit my stride and the endorphins start flowing? It’s magic. 

So if you really want to run, then find a way to push through and be consistent. I’ve read before that you should tell yourself, “I’ll run for 10 minutes – if I still don’t want to run, I’ll stop.” Usually when the 10 minutes are up, you want to keep going. But if you want to stop, then stop! No one ever said you have to like running to be healthy and happy. 

Bonus Question (sent to me as a private message, but I feel like a lot of people might resonate with this): My wife has been trying to lose weight and has been trying gimmick products and yo-yo diets. Two months ago she started running and was doing great. Yesterday she weighed in and gained all the weight back that she lost on her last gimmick diet. She is so upset she hasn't gone for a run since. I know you struggled with similar setbacks and was hoping you might have some advice for her. I try to help and encourage her, but I think I just come off as being judgmental. I think the experience of a working mother who has been through it will mean more to her than her skinny-as-a-rail husband telling her to stick with it. Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated ... She's in a bad place right now.

First and foremost, I realized a while ago that motivation has to start from within. You/I/the world can say anything to your wife, but she has to want to make a change. It’s hard with so many quick-fixes out there making promises, but real change comes from within and just takes time. I had to try/fail at those other things before I finally figured out that there is no secret potion that can replace a healthy lifestyle.

As far as running goes, I will say consistency has been the biggest key to my success. Speed and distance don’t matter as much as getting out there on a regular basis. If she truly wants to keep running, then she’s got to find consistency, whether it’s three miles three times a week or one mile each day. Ask Kyle how much it sucks to have to constantly start over in your training! ;) I think he’s finally starting to learn his lesson.

The other big part to weight loss change is obviously finding a way to eat healthy. Now, healthy has a lot of definitions – you can go gluten free, low carb, vegan, paleo, etc. Personally, I love that Weight Watches allows me to choose anything (there’s nothing off limits!), and I’ve been able to eat foods that I love and that my family loves. Having Kyle on board really made a difference because I don’t make two versions of dinner or buy extra foods that would be tempting.

Maybe you could sit down together and decide on some healthy foods/recipes to try together? Again, Kyle has learned that trying new stuff can be really great, and it’s been much easier to have his support. You don’t have to really restrict your diet – you need to add to it. If she can change the diet mindset and think of things to ADD instead of REMOVE, it’ll be so much easier. You have to think “I need more fruits and vegetables” or “We need to eat more chicken,” then you’ll naturally have less of the other stuff that’s not as good for you!

I hope that helps a little and makes sense. Again, you can talk to her ‘til you’re blue in the face, but she has to decide she’s really ready to commit to a change. I’m happy to answer any other questions or give you/her more support.


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