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My First Marathon, By the Numbers

The Akron Marathon is a mere 14 days away ... 
First of all, holy shit. 
Second, I thought I would share some details about my training and plans (for the marathon on my legs ... since I already explained the marathon in my mind). 
I'm normally not a numbers person, but these stats excite me. The numbers say I'm ready ... My heart and brain need some convincing, but I know I'll get in the zone eventually ... hopefully before Sept. 26!  
Training Total weeks: 19 (I cut an extra taper week from the Train Like a Mother plan)
Miles so far: 498
Miles to go before race day: Approx. 39
Most miles in a week: 43 (the week of my 22-miler)
Most miles in a month: 154 (August)
Number of times I quit mid-run: Only 1 (humidity + hills = hell)
Number of times I wanted to quit: Infinity + 100
Race Day Hydration: 2 Camelbaks, each holding 70 oz. of watermelon Nuun – I’ll start with one and Kyle will meet me near the halfway point with the other
Gels: 6 Gus, 3 in each Camelbak

Snacks: 1 Clif …

The Marathon in My Mind

For the past three-ish months, I’ve been training for a marathon … though it feels like two marathons – one on my legs and one in my mind ... Let me explain.
Back in June, in the same week I started my marathon training plan, I also started going to therapy for anxiety. (To clarify, training for a marathon didn't cause my anxiety ... In fact, my therapist says running is one of the best things I can be doing to help my anxiety. But I digress ...)
I say it’s felt like training for two marathons because running and therapy have had MANY similarities: They both got worse before they got better. They pushed me to places I didn’t want to go/didn’t know I could go. At times, they drained me all of my energy. And at times, they have been a great source of energy.
I’ll cut to the chase: I’m better now. Much better, but continuing to work and grow. Therapy has given me tools and discoveries that are helping me understand and better handle my anxiety, even appreciate it at times. But a few …