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Snippets from the Second Trimester

It's a Boy! 
We've been girl parents for five years, so it took some time to get used to the idea of having a boy. The first thing we did was pick a name - we'd already settled on a girl's name, but were still throwing around ideas for a boy when we went to the ultrasound.

Once we knew it, we KNEW it. His name will be Archer Wilden. Yes, you can feel free to call him Archie. And Wilden is a combination of William and Dennis - our dads' names. <3

Archer is a healthy, squirmy little boy!

My goal for this delivery is to have what's called a VBAC - vaginal birth after a cesarean. With Kenlee, I NEEDED a c-section because my induction failed. I was trying to avoid an induction because I knew the increased changes of a c-section, but my blood pressure was sky high a few days before my due date, and my options were:
  1. Induce labor so we can try to get the baby out ... even though I wasn't the best candidate for an induction at that time
  2. Risk having a stroke from the high blood pressure ... and of course increase risk to the baby
The day I was induced for Kenlee - I'll never forget the doctor's scale said 284 pounds that day
Yeah, I went with option 1. After 39 hours of trying everything we could to get Kenlee out vaginally, we had to give up and go with surgery. Five years later, I think I'm finally OK with that. For a long time, I felt guilty because I knew the high blood pressure was a result of my obesity (that's not the case for every pregnancy, I know, but it was with mine). I couldn't change the past, but I could change my future. So a huge motivator in my weight loss was to have a healthier pregnancy for baby No. 2, and, hopefully, have a natural birth like I'd originally hoped. 

This time around, my doctors and midwives agree that I've given myself a great chance at a successful VBAC. My blood pressure looks great, my weight is apparently within range (though I personally feel like it's outta control ...), and I've remained active, which will hopefully help me have an easier labor and delivery. 

I'm seeing one of the best practices/hospitals in the area for VBAC, which makes me feel more confident about my ability to succeed. If you don't know, not all doctors and hospitals allow VBACs, despite medical evidence that they are extremely safe. We can debate the politics of insurance and lawsuits another day, however ... I'm just happy to have a choice in the matter. 

On the other hand, I'm also mentally prepared for the possibility of another c-section. Yes, I'm trying to avoid major surgery, but since I've already been-there-done-that, I at least know what to expect with the procedure and recovery. Like any parent, I just want a healthy baby, so in the end it doesn't matter to me how he's born. 

What DOES matter is knowing I'm giving my body the best chance do what I know it can do ... it's kinda like training for a race ... a marathon, actually! I'm putting in the work, but I know I won't be able to control what happens on race day. Until then, I can't give up. 

Why NOT?! 
Ever since I finished the Indy Mini, I felt like I wasn't done running half marathons for this pregnancy. No matter how many times I tried telling myself it would be insane to sign up for another. All of the local races are scheduled for September or October - did I REALLY think I would be able to run 13.1 miles in the third trimester?! No.

But then ... Then I had a few good long runs that made me feel confident. So I decided maybe I could handle a half marathon on Labor Day weekend (when I'll be 31 weeks). I marked it in my calendar and made myself a rough training plan, alternating my long runs with long sessions on the elliptical every other weekend. I told my husband and my BRF, but I didn't register ... I didn't want to be embarrassed if I couldn't pull it off.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I found ANOTHER race. This one was was three weeks earlier (28 weeks), on a weekend Kyle was off work. Three weeks may not seem like much, but in pregnancy, it can make a world of difference! I instantly knew this would be a much better option.

Kyle agreed. I quickly secured a sitter (my mom) to watch Kenlee so he could drive me to the race, which is about an hour and 20 minutes away. Before I registered, I did a double-check with him. "Am I insane? Do you think I'm being Ridiculous? Why do I even want to do this?" 

"Why NOT?!" he said, and I knew he was right. God, I love this man. He gets me.

If you're interested, it's Running Between the Vines Aug. 13 in Jackson, Michigan. Yeah ... at a vineyard. With free wine samples at the end. I obviously won't be partaking that day, but you bet your ass I'll be buying a bottle to save for after I give birth!

My view after a 5-mile run the other week. Notice the bump - and the new shoes!

Murphy + Hormones = Insanity
Of course, the same day I signed up for the race, I started to have knee/hip pain. REALLY?! Ugh. I instantly panicked. Dr. Google diagnosed me with IT band syndrome, which is common for runners AND for pregnant women in general. I may have freaked the eff out for a day or two, but with a little rest and stretching, it feels better already.

I think maybe, possibly, probably, my hormones had something to do with my panic. Yes, I need to be careful with my joints ... but I don't need to freak out ... Not yet.

I talked to one of my doctors at my regular check-up, and she agreed I could keep going, but I needed to be smart. She's not a runner but she understands my need to keep going, and of course she wants to see me stay active.

We looked at maternity support bands to help my hips, and she suggested I see my chiropractor next week if I didn't feel better. If THAT doesn't work, she can refer me to physical therapy.

You hear that, body?! Get your act together because I'm not done yet. Momma's got more miles to run.

NOTE: All of the above was written Thursday, July 14. Then I went running on Friday, July 15 ...

I can't get the sound of out my head ... It's the sound my kneed made in the middle of my run Friday. It's also the sound of my mind suddenly realizing I should have taken more time off to let my IT band heal ...

Kim took my key and ran back to get my car. I sat on a curb, pissed at myself for not taking another day on the elliptical ... After showering at the Y and hobbling through the office to pick up my laptop, I headed straight to the orthopedic walk-in clinic.

The PA I saw thought I may have torn my meniscus ... Or, may it was just a bad sprain. The only way to obtain a clear diagnosis is with an MRI, which I can't do while pregnant. He said it was too early to know how recovery would go - I could feel like running next week OR I could have problems with my knee locking and/or giving out, increasing my fall risk (which isn't good for baby).

So for now, we take a wait-and-see approach. I spent most of my weekend on the couch, strapped to a wonderful icing machine that my mother-in-law had from her knee replacement. On Friday, I couldn't walk to the bathroom by myself. By Sunday, I could not only get to the bathroom, but I could also walk upstairs (slowly) to sleep in my own bed (heaven!).

Kenlee is good at helping me rest ...
I'm trying to stay positive, but I'm also trying not to get my hopes up. The PA told me to follow up if things got worse, but I think I'm going to follow up even if things get better. I want a second opinion AND a clear plan for returning to activity ... the last thing I want is to injure myself all over again.


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